The Land of Blueberries & Honey…

The Land of Blueberries & Honey…


Perhaps this is the origin of the Christmas ornament?

Perhaps this is the origin of the Christmas ornament?

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you don’t know how special you are
the door across the street
straight up to the heavens…

am i brave enough?

am i brave enough?

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Words can pack a punch. Words can deliver a soft, sweet blow. Words can be a weapon or a gift.  Sometimes we give someone words delivered from the heart…it can be difficult to put your heart & pride on the line with your words. I feel words delivered with emotion & then ignored hurt. That hurt can be absorbed & infect one with self-doubt. The card i photographed today, “Don’t worry about…

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happiness, delivered to Sunday Brunch

happiness, delivered to Sunday Brunch

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A Sunday brunch for 40 people. Piece of cake to include small vases of flowers among the food. Nothing to move out of the way. Almost every vase contained a quote about life.  Just a touch of bringing in the garden among the beautiful food.

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between the raindrops

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We are expecting some hard weather, in the Deep South, today. Gulf ball sized hail would tear this Poppy to ribbons. I thought it would be a bit gentler to SNIP the stem, then put FIRE under its tush & then PLUNGE it into cold water. It is on my kitchen table, dazzling–to make up for the sun’s absence today.

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sleepy husky

DSC_0034 DSC_0052

How to treat a rainy day.

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treasures found at Leaf & Petal

treasures found at Leaf & Petal

This is the most beautiful flower, the Ranunculaus, isn't it a stunner?!

my favorite flower, the Ranunculaus, isn’t it a stunner?!

I couldn't buy the lizard. I took the photo with my, now BROKEN iPhone.

I couldn’t buy the lizard. I took the photo with my, now BROKEN iPhone. Leaf & Petal in Cahaba Heights, Alabama. BUY LOCAL Birminghamers. 

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the children’s (Passover) table

the children’s (Passover) table

DSC_0030 DSC_0026

My children’s table for ages 4-9. I decorate with frogs, but no water in the finger bowls (they would become ponds for said frogs in which to swim). I put inexpensive wine glasses for their grape juice. A Seder can last hours. But not when you have young children.

The Passover Seder is a time of teaching. However, we all know that we should make the Seder something that young children look…

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